Handwoven Woolen and Canvas Rangoli Mat and Carpet

Original price was: ₹2,999.Current price is: ₹1,559.

Material: fur woolen and Canavas
Dimension:  3 X 3 feet
Color  Multicolor
Set Contents:  Set of 1 Mat
Note  Do not wash
Care  Dry clean only
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Handwoven Woolen and Canvas Rangoli Mat and Carpet

  • Introducing our Handwoven Woolen and Canvas Rangoli Mat and Carpet, a masterpiece that blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design to enrich the aesthetic of your home. This meticulously crafted rug is available in a versatile 3*3 feet size, suitable for both bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Immerse yourself in the artistry of handwoven excellence. Skilled artisans have intricately woven this mat and carpet, creating a unique and visually captivating rangoli pattern that reflects a rich heritage of craftsmanship.
  • Experience the indulgent comfort of high-quality wool against your feet. The woolen base provides a soft and cozy touch, while the durable canvas backing ensures longevity. This combination of materials offers both luxury and practicality.
  • With a 3*3 feet size, this rug seamlessly integrates into various spaces, adding a touch of sophistication. The design is versatile, making it suitable for different interior styles, from modern and minimalistic to traditional and eclectic.
  • Depending on your preference, the rug comes in a variety of colors, from vibrant reds and blues to calming greens and neutrals. Choose the shade that complements your decor and adds a personalized touch to your living space.
  • The combination of traditional weaving techniques with contemporary design principles results in a timeless piece. The rangoli pattern, coupled with quality materials, ensures that your rug remains a statement of elegance for years to come.
  • Enjoy the beauty of handwoven artistry without the hassle. The rug is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring that it retains its charm and allure even with regular use.
  • Transform your living spaces with the Handwoven Woolen and Canvas Rangoli Mat and Carpet. Embrace the heritage of handcrafted artistry while infusing a modern, stylish element into your home. Elevate your decor with this stunning and versatile addition that seamlessly combines comfort, tradition, and contemporary design.

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