Jeevan Handicrafts Handmade Woolen and gota work 16?7 Inches kite hanging


Material: Woollen and strings,
Color: Multicolor
Style Antique
Brand Jeevan Handicrafts
Size: 16*7 inches

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Jeevan Handicrafts Handmade Woolen and gota work 16*7 Inches kite hanging

  • Introducing the Jeevan Handicrafts Handmade Woolen and Gota Work Kite Hanging – a fusion of traditional artistry and contemporary design. This 16×7 inches hanging decoration is meticulously crafted, showcasing exquisite woolen and gota work. Elevate your space with the cultural richness and vibrant aesthetics of this unique handmade piece.
  • Immerse your space in the charm of traditional craftsmanship with our Handmade Woolen and Gota Work Kite Hanging. The intricate woolen and gota work showcases the skilled artistry of craftsmen, creating a hanging decoration that is both visually striking and culturally rich.
  • The kite-shaped design, measuring 16×7 inches, makes it a versatile addition to your decor. Whether suspended from the ceiling, a wall, or used as a statement piece in your living space, this hanging decoration effortlessly blends traditional aesthetics with a modern touch.
  • Admire the detailed woolen and gota work that adorns the kite hanging. The combination of these traditional elements adds texture, depth, and a touch of cultural elegance, making it a unique and captivating decor item.
  • The lively color palette enhances the visual appeal of the hanging, adding a burst of vibrancy to your decor. The carefully chosen colors complement each other, creating a harmonious and eye-catching design.
  • Crafted with precision and care, this handmade kite hanging is a testament to quality craftsmanship. The durable materials and attention to detail ensure that it remains a cherished part of your decor, offering lasting beauty and cultural significance.
  • Embrace the fusion of traditional and contemporary design elements. The combination of woolen and gota work brings a touch of cultural heritage to a modern silhouette, creating a hanging decoration that stands out as a unique and eclectic piece.
  • The hanging comes with a loop, making it easy to suspend from hooks, curtain rods, or any suitable fixture. The effortless installation allows you to quickly enhance your space with the charm and cultural allure of this handmade masterpiece.
  • Make a statement with this eye-catching kite hanging that effortlessly becomes the focal point of any room. Its distinctive design and cultural flair add a touch of artistic elegance to your home.
  • Looking for a distinctive and thoughtful gift? The Jeevan Handicrafts Handmade Woolen and Gota Work Kite Hanging is an excellent choice. Share the beauty of artisanal craftsmanship with friends and loved ones, offering them a piece that combines cultural elegance with a modern aesthetic.
  • Elevate your decor with the cultural charm of our Jeevan Handicrafts Handmade Woolen and Gota Work Kite Hanging. Let its intricate design and vibrant colors create a captivating ambiance, turning your living space into a haven of elegance and traditional beauty.

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