Handmade Wooden Sheesham wood Tray Set of 3 Tray


Handmade Wooden Sheeham wood Tray Set of 3 Tray

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Wooden Tray for Breakfast Coffee Butter Serving Table Decor, Gifts, Standard This wooden tray is ideal for serving food, decorating your home & cutting clutter in any space. The handles on either end of the tray allow you to move this tray from place to place with ease. The high sides will stop your little bowls from sliding off. You can display them on a coffee table to hold candles & vases. The tray can also be used to decorate the buffet tables & sideboards. You can also use it as a hallway tray for keys, small serving dish for entertaining guests or on a side table for display.
Set Contents: Set of 3 Tray
Care:Handle with Care

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