Handcrafted Wooden Serving Tray for Kitchen Accessories


Products Dimension:14x10x2 Inches, 11x11x2 Inches, 10x6x2 Inches
Weight:2300 Grams
Suitable for:Kitchen Accessories
Set Contents:3 Wooden Serving Tray
Care:Handle with Care
Sold By: ACM-058


Serve your guests in this beautiful handcrafted tray. Made of wood, its beautiful designs would brighten up your table decor. Bring this set of elegant serving trays to enhance your way of serving to your guests. Available in three sizes, this set of 3 trays is a must have for your small and big needs, giving a rich and exquisite feel to your kitchen & home. It is used for a convenient carrying & serving food and beverages to your guests.

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