Handcrafted Wooden Cooking and Serving Utensils Spatula Spoons for Kitchen Accessories


Products Dimension:34 x 7 x 6 cm
Weight:450 Grams
Suitable for:Kitchen Accessories
Set Contents:7 Wooden Cooking and Serving Utensils Spatula Spoons
Care:Handle with Care
Sold By: ACM-058


This Spoon set is made from the best quality Sheesham wood by Decorlay. It contains 7 spoons which can be used for many purposes. These Spoons are handcrafted and users’ first choice because, using wood made spoons doesn’t conduct heat. If you used a metal spoon, it would burn your hand and if you used a plastic made spoon then it would heat up. This Set of 7 spoons contains Flat Spoon/Spatula, Frying Spoon, Ladle, Rice Spoon, etc. The wooden curve spoon Is Ideal for serving a variety of dishes. With a hole In the handle, that can be hung over a hook out the way, our set of 7 pieces cooking spoon wooden ladle can be stored efficiently to keep your kitchen surfaces neat and organized. Handmade wooden serving and cooking spoon kitchen utensil set of 7. This spoon set is made from quality wood. Cooking spoon kitchen utensil set of 7 multipurpose serving and cooking spoon set your cooking and dining experience can be greatly enhanced by using the right set of spoon sets. Made from pure wood, the Handmade wooden spoon set is an ideal solution for cooking as well as serving your favorite dishes. Available in a set of different spoons that can be used for serving various items such as rice, dal, sabzi, and cooking rotis, dosas, omelets, and more, this set is a great addition to your kitchen toolset.

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