Handcrafted Resin Yoga Little Baby Monks Buddha Idol Statue for Showpiece


Product Dimension:4.57 x 4.57 x 5.08 Cm
Product Weight:200 Grams
Suitable for:Showpiece
Set Contents:4 Resin Yoga Little Baby Monks Buddha Idol Statue
Care:Handle with Care
Sold By:ACM-066



The buddha statue collections are taken as the objects of great significance in buddhism. Thoughtfully handcrafted, in different postures and colors, these sculptures also act as great objects of decoration of anyone’s surroundings as they radiate the feeling of peace and calm around you. Along with the beautification of the surroundings, they spread the influence of peace and harmony around anyone’s life. They also make a great desirable gift for people you truly love. 4 monks buddha statue for car interior. Different meaning these four monks represent .Good gift for children friends or other family members. And these monk figures are suitable for home desk shelf ,car decorative or just as tea pets

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