Handcrafted Rama Avatar Leather Puppet


Material Leather
Product Dimensions 24 Inches
Item Weight 2000 Kgs
Number of Items 1 Ram Leather puppet
Colour Mutlicolor
Sold by ACR-049


Handcrafted Rama Avatar Leather Puppet : An age old leather craft technique drafts characters out of our favorite folklores.. reminding us of a Byzantine tale in today’s times… let these lively puppets parade straight into your spaces.. creating an orchestra of illuminating colors & flawless gestures.

A strikingly colourful hand painted leather foldable puppet of lord rama. This is an integral part of the Ramayana performances. The hand painted puppets are a traditional endangered craft as its practitioners are slowly moving to greener pastures. This handicraft is made with centuries old special techniques and makes for an outstanding gift. It is from the remote areas of Andhra Pradesh, India.

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