Handcrafted Metal Pot Stand for Garden Decor


Product Dimension:27 x 27 x 53 Cm
Product Demention:1400 Grams
Suitable for:Garden Decor
Set Contents:1 Metal Pot Stand
Care:Handle with Care
Sold By:ACM-087
Shipping charges Depend on Location



Bring organization and modern design to your patio, living room, or garden with this display stand. Made of sturdy and durable metal, this plant stand is suitable for hall, living room, bedroom, garden, pool area, balcony, rooftop, flower shop ? Decorative accent to any garden party or outdoor event. A perfect decoration tool to decorate home, garden, yard, patio, bar, and more. When you’re ready to bring organization and style to your indoor or outdoor space, this metal display shelf rack will help you do just that.

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