Handcrafted Metal Pot Stand for Garden Decor


Product Dimension:64.5 x 25 x 67 Cm
Product Demention:3100 Grams
Suitable for:Garden Decor
Set Contents:4 Metal Pot Stand
Care:Handle with Care
Sold By:ACM-087
Shipping charges Depend on Location



Tiered plant stands for indoor plants, adopt unique A-Frame. Lighten up your room with our triangular plant shelf This plant stand is made of metal, which is sturdy and not easy to be deformed. Designed with a triangular shape, the plant shelf is stable for long-term use. plant stand supports 4 pots of a plant at maximum. You can place your small plants in the right place. The hollow and tiered metal shelves provide good light and air permeability, which ensures all your plants get the right amount of sunshine and grow in a comfortable environment. The rack also can be used to place all kinds of items you want to put out and display. It is great for placing in the living room, balcony and patio wherever you want.

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