Handcrafted Marble Polyresin Planter for Garden Decor


Product Dimension:?10*7*7 cm
Product Weight:100 Grams
Suitable for:Showpiece
Set Contents:1 Marble Polyresin Planter
Care:Handle with Care
Sold By:ACP-044



Plant Vase available in the shape of a popular character of marvel movie – Groot who is making a heart with hands and showing love. This plant vase requires low maintenance and gives an attractive look at your decor. This cute little giraffe shaped pot looks so real. We recommend you to gift this beautiful and modern style artificial plant vase to your friends. Suitable for living room, hotel receptions, and restaurants. Made with fine quality material. You can also grow real plants of your choice and place it in your garden. You can also grow the real plant for your choice in this elephant-shaped pot. It is a multipurpose showpiece. You can use this as a pen holder, put in your room corners to feel fresh and put this in your fish tank also. You can also grow a real plant of your choice. Used in offices and home as corner in your room. Buy now and add a fresh look to your room. Used by kids as a pen holder and showpiece. Also used as a gift material. Baby groot is looking cute in this artistic flower pot design and showing love by making heart with hands.

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