Ceramic Handmade Brown Metallic Serving Handi with lid (Set of 4,)




Ceramic handmade haandi casserole with lid combo.These are suitable for serving veggies, rice dishes and many more. Design: Mettalic in gloss. Color: Comprises of brown and black. All colors used on our dinnerware are food safe. Craft: Stoneware dimensions 10*10*6.5 cm,13*13*8 cm,14*14*9 cm,16*16*10 cm ml: Large(1100 ml), m :800 ml,s:600 ml,e.Small:250 ml product care: O avoid scratching with hard bristled brushes. O dishwasher safe in mild cycle. O microwave/induction safe. O not suitable for direct burner. O only use indirect sources of heat. O do not put it in pre-heated oven/microwave o do not freeze at high freezing temperature. Notes: O set of 3 o slight and minor color change could be noticed as each product is individually made by hand. Flash used in the shoot and difference in screen resolutions could also be a reason.

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm
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