Handmade Brown Sehra Flower Vase for Home Decor


Dimension:-(8*8*24 L*B*H in cm) Note: Set of 1
Weight: 2.36 Kg
Suitable for: Home Decor
Set Contents: 1 Ceramic Flower Vase
Care: Sponge in Warm Soapy Water is Recommended. Do not Use Scrub
Sold By: Nasa



This is a modern concept of bottle shape elite vase collection being offered to you by ‘caffeine the premium stoneware’. These are perfect keeper if you like elegance at the corner of your rooms or your side tables. These can be used as artificial pots, flower vase and earthen pots. Fine detailing of edges and glossy finish enhances the beauty of this product. This premium class pair comes from the heart of stoneware. Tip to bottom is 100 percent handmade with fine details. Material: ceramic/stoneware suitable for: side table, room table, indoor/outdoor l*b*h=8*8*23

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