Handcrafted Brass and Wooden Vase for Home Decor


Product Dimension: 20 Inches
Product Weight:700 Grams
Suitable for:Home Decor
Set Contents:1 Brass and Wooden Vase
Care:Handle with Care
Sold By:ACM-085



Wooden Flower Pot Hand Carving Work Flower Vase This Handcrafted Flower Vase Is Made Of Seasoned wood. It Is An Exclusive Show Piece For Your Drawing Room; Sure To Be Admired By Your Guests. SIZE 16 IN . You know that vases have always been one of the most versatile interior designs and when we consider wooden vase, it?s a distinctive style to stoke our home creativity With eye-catching beauty, This charming and ethnic handicraft designed flower vase can enhance the beauty of the place, wherever you place it. It gives a rustic look to a home. You can put it with Natural-looking artificial flowers either indoor or outdoor purposes. We have given a natural brown color to this vase design so it would give a natural feel at your home because this color can?match with all decorations. It can be used to hold flowers and for dry decorations etc.So,try this elegant piece to give charm to your home or office with the option to decorate as a bedroom corner or dining area, or living room, you can place decorative vases.

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