Peacock and Elephant Beautifully Carved Brass Made Urli


Material  Brass
Product Dimension: 11 inches (27.5 cm), Width: 9.5 inches (23.5 cm
Product weight:  4.8 Kg
Colour  Antique Yellow
Set Contents:  1 Brass urli
Product Care Instructions ‎Use dry or wet cotton cloth to remove dirt. The product is even washable.

Sold By:ACM-113

Kindly Note: Only prepaid order will be processed. No COD available on this product



Easily recognizable by its distinctive shape, the urli makes a handsome addition to the decor of any room. Now, you can enjoy the beauty of one that is made according to the time-honored traditions in your own home with the Handmade Brass Ethnic Design Urli Bowl Showpiece. Produced using sand casting techniques that have been passed down through generations of skilled metalworkers, the Handmade Brass Urli is a truly authentic Indian urli. To display the bowl in the traditional way, fill it with water and then float living or artificial flowers on top. Add water to the urli, mix a bit rose water and float flowers of your choice. You can also place floating candles on the surface of the water. No matter how you use the Handmade Brass Ethnic Design Urli Bowl Showpiece, you’re certain to be impressed with its quality!

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