Cello Royal Amber Gold Opalware Dinner Set, 33 Pieces


Color: White, Material: Opalware
Dinner plate: 270mm(6pcs), Quarter plate: 190mm(6pcs), Veg bowl: 190ml(6pcs), Soup bowl: 290ml(6pcs), Serving bowl M: 790ml(2pcs), Oval platter: 330x250mm(1pc), Soup spoon:6pcs

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Made in India with most advanced German technology as per European standards
Bacteria free-non porous and hygienic for your family
100 percent vegetarian – bone ash free and made of green material
Thermal resistant – no cracks on heating food in microwave from refrigerator
Break, chip and scratch resistant-made for everyday use

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Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28.5 × 36 in
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