Use it right: Place a container inside the IRIS celeste ultrasonic aroma diffuser and fill water in it. To enjoy the aromatic fragrance, pour the fragrance oil inside the container according to your requirements and just plug it on.
Be mindful: The IRIS celeste ultrasonic aroma diffuser should only beused diffuser oil and placed indoors. You should read the manual to experience the best out of the product. It should be cleaned and handled with the utmost care for safety.
Know the science: Hold your patience for a few minutes to savour the mist from the IRIS celeste ultrasonic aroma diffuser as it takes some time for the wick in the diffuser to saturate in water. In addition, the wick may take longer than usual if the product isn?t used for a while.
Keep it balanced: The IRIS celeste ultrasonic aroma diffuser will transform your home?s aesthetics. You just need to place it in the right places such as the living room, bedroom or anywhere you like to relax.
Crafted with elegance: The stylish and subtle pink Celeste ultrasonic aroma diffuser is coupled with a LED light and its body is made of ABS.

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