Better an oops than a what if Neon Sign White Color 30″ H x 18″ W inches


Products Dimension:(30″ H x 18″ W inches) 70 x 45 cms
Led Neon Strips: Environmentally Friendly, Long Lasting & Durable
Acrylic Board: 6mm Thickness Clear Transparent International Grade Acrylic
Power Cord: Standard size – 3 meters long. Connect one end to the Neon Sign and the other to the Adapter.
Adapter/Driver: 12V DC Adapter which can be plugged in to light-up your Neon Sign
Wall Mounting Screws: Screws provided for you to easily mount your design on your wall
Sold By:ACP-081

Kindly Note: Only prepaid order will be processed. No COD available on this produc


Brighten your space with this specially designed “Better an oops than a what if” Neon Lights artwork.
Simple Installation Steps:
Step 1: Drill holes on your wall where you would like to place your artwork
Step 2: Screw the artwork to the drilled wall
Step 4: Connect the Power Cord to the Adapter
Step 3: Plug the adapter in the socket of your electric board
Step 4: Switch on the light
Step 5: Spread the joy of lights throughout your space

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