Aluminum Lemon Grass Fragrances Vaporizer Oil, 1 L Refill


Net Quantity 1000 millilitre
Colour Yellow
Liquid Volume 1 Litres

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Ready to use the vaporizer oil on the top of vaporizer and lit the t-light and place it below the vaporizer see how it transforms your home. Vaporizer oil is a great way to add a fragrant touch to your home. Available in lavender fragrance, it uplifts your mood and gives a soothing sensation to mind and body. For best results, use it with Vaporizer lamp from IRIS
Gives a boost to your mood
Gives a calming effect to your senses. Type : passive.
Takes away anxious and stressful feel
Helps in concentration
This citrusy fragrance helps in keeping fatigue away
Product details : 1 Vaporizer Oil (1 Litre) in aluminium can , Fragrance type: Lemongrass


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