In ArtyCraftz ,the kitchen product that plays an major role while cooking or storing the oil in the dispenser , for that , Oil dispenser is the only product that makes the oil to come with the correct flow, and also nobody will  likes to make their kitchen mess ,while cooking, especially spilling oils around the cooking place that will definitely become an nightmare to clean the place. If you are tired of cleaning up the oils from your place every day, it is the correct time to buy an oil dispenser It can solve your problem by making the flow of oil in proper way. An oil dispenser is one of the  storage vessel or container to keep your edible oils safe and secure and use it in flow of low. Oil dispenser will generally have the sleek bodies and come up with the spout which allows  to pour oil without any mess or leakage on the bottle also regulates a equal flow of oil been poured.

Oil dispensers has been become an  important storage need in the kitchens due to their high level of functionality and easy to use for the flow of oil. these type of oil dispenser are easy to hold or super handy and convenient for the kitchen usage. In our ArtyCraftz, you can find the  good quality of  oil dispensers been projected. Make use of the time to buy from our Online Store Eco friendly.

A good flow of  oil dispenser will have the high-quality of cap that have to be leak-proof and also to be airtight to prevent any spilling or wastage of oil from the oil dispenser. Sometimes Airtight caps also prevent some dirt or dust inside the bottle, it is better to store the edible oils. In our store , you will find a large variety of oil dispensers that will be having a high-quality caps to prevent from the drips and spills from the oil dispenser. the capacity of the oil dispenser is important factor to analyze the need of the size and buy according to the need, for that, You will find a range of oil dispensers that can contain the different sizes, According to your cooking style You can buy a oil dispenser that will suits for your cooking.

oil dispenser bottles are one of the best invention that will help you stay organized in the kitchen and helps in both the oil usage container for flow of oil also to store the oil is respective way of ordering. the ideology which have to make an clear format that will enhance to buy a suitable oil dispenser for your kitchen and make the kitchen organized and the usage will be easier with the efficient oil dispenser.

Glass oil dispenser:

Glass oil dispenser is one of the effective use of product to be used in the kitchen for that Glass oil dispenser is Safe to use and also it is free from the toxins, glass oil dispenser will  looks supremely elegant look by the shape ,that will also used to make the kitchen to be attractive and usage will also be easier by using the oil dispenser. Glass oil dispenser is also make easy to refill the bottle because glass indicates the level of the oil in the dispenser by the visibility you can easily fill the oil dispenser.

Benefits of using a oil dispenser:

Precision Pouring: One of the main advantages of a glass oil dispenser is the precise pouring mechanism that have an eligibility to make the flow of oil dispenser. also it has been Equipped with a spout designed to control the flow of oil from the dispenser, you can avoid the messy spills and excessive usage of oil in the cooking place. This type  of control is most important while you have been aiming to add the right amount of oil to your dishes by the use of oil dispensers.

Preservation of Oil Quality: Glass is one of the non-porous material to store the oil, which means doesn’t interact with the oils ,but it just holds the oil. This oil dispenser is primary for maintaining the freshness of the oil and quality of  oils. Unlike the plastic containers, glass oil dispensers didn’t absorb the flavors, ensuring that your  oil  will tastes like usual oil and nothing can be made by the Glasses

Protection from Light and Heat: Most of the glass oil dispensers come with tinted or the dark glass design, which makes as a shield against the light and heat. Exposure to those elements, cause oils to go rancid quickly by storing on the glasses. With a glass dispenser, you can extend the life of the oils and ensure they remain flavorful for the longer period of the time.

Easy to Clean: Glass oil dispensers are a Easy to clean by the simple scrub. The smooth surface of glass doesn’t remain the residue or stains on the glass, because the smooth surface that indicates the form of glasses which has the higher efficiency to clean it easily, but while cleaning the bottle Make sure to handle with the care.

Aesthetic Look: A glass oil dispenser adds a touch of decoration to your kitchen counter that will makes an good impressions . whatever ,you have a modern kitchen or traditional kitchen, these wonderful sleek oil dispenser containers creates with any decor, Increasing the visual appeal of your cooking space while you use this type of wonderful oil dispenser.

From our Online Store Eco-Friendly You can buy a oil Dispenser in affordable price with your needed size that requires to your kitchen, Definitely it will make a kitchen classy and cozy feeling to use the Oil dispenser.




  • Set of 5 Pieces Salt and Pepper Shakers with Olive Oil and Vinegar Dispenser and Metal Stand(Material : Glass)

    Original price was: ₹1,299.Current price is: ₹749.

    Material:Metal and Glass
    Products Dimension:12 x 10 x 8 Centimeters
    Set Contents: Set of 5 piece set includes – Oil bottle, Vinegar bottle, Salt shaker, Pepper shaker, which all fit in neatly in the equipped Metal Stand.
    Suitable for:Home Decor and Gifting
    Care:Handle with Care
    Sold By:ACR-056

    Original price was: ₹1,299.Current price is: ₹749.
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