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Sabai Grass Products, About  Sabai  Grass

Sabai Grass Products

Sabai Grass is one of the nature fiber product, it is available in the forest area also. The sabai grass scientific name was ‘Eulaliopsis Binata’ which consists of  long leaf fiber also. In india it is mostly used for paper industry and also it is the second most important raw material for paper production also. It is mostly grown in some Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, china, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Bhutan and Philippines also. In india west Bengal, Orissa, Bihar and Central part of india also.

Process of the sabai Grass

Sabai Grass Products
Sabai Grass Products

There are some steps to produce the sabai grass products (Harvesting, Cuting, Bunching, R oaping, colouring, Braid making, Dyeing, weaving). Sabai grass harvested from the forest side. Then it will be processing like cut and bunch, dried in the sun and bundle the grass. Once it is done after than the rural women people made it into ropes, adding colours to the roaps using their hands and machines and make it a some usefull products. This people given a recognition to the sabai grass products.

Purpose of sabai grass

Health benefits of sabai grass

Sabai Grass Products
  • The plants reduce muscle tension related stress
  • Improve attention and reduce feelings of fear and anger
  • Lower blood pressure

Sabai Grass products in

Wall plate

Wall Plate

It is a wall decorative time for home or office. It made of natural sabai grass, it is a good product for gifting like House warming, Occations, etc. it is an eco friendly product, elegant and smart home accessories. This sabai grass wall plate made in traditional method use of sabai grass for modern home , also.

Planter pot

Planter pot

Elevate your home with this beautiful Sabai grass planter pot. The pot will be completely handmade and nature fiber. It is a home décor product, decorate your living room, bad room with your favorite plant. We can use it as a planter pot or basket, clean and maintain easly.



Use as a storage bowl for to store snacks, fruits and vegetables also. It is a multiple purpose bowl, we can also use table décor and gifting. Environmental friendly product. 



Sabai grass baskets are more demand in now days because the use of the basket is more. We can use in kitchen, Restaurant, supermarket, and in home we can store books, toys, cloths also. It is a perfect container to give a gifts. It gives good look on your table and shelf also.



It is an eco friendly and earthy, handcrafted sabai grass mats. We can use multiple ways like yoga mat, table mats and door mats, etc. Different color mats are available in also.

Effects of sabai grass:

  • It is a eco-friendly resources
  • Biodegradability and Low Carbon Footprint also
  • Reduce the carbon footprint
  • Changing the livelihood of the people
  • Give Economic boost to the rural people
  • Promoting environmental sustainability
  • Moving traditional handicrafts to fashion forward products
  • Environmental friendly products
  • Increase the self employment opportunities also

Advantages of sabai grass:

  • Provide raw materials to paper manufacturing industries
  • Rural people used to make roaps also
  • It is eco friendly product
  • Environmental friendly also
  • Sabai grass helps women to be a self sufficient in rural area also

Current scenario of sabai grass:

  • The usage of sabai grass products are more so the demand is more.
  • Odisha people use of sabai grass make sofa set and other furniture items.
  • West Bengal people start forming the sabai grass also

Sabai grass in Odisha and West Bengal:

Sabai Grass Products
Sabai Grass Products

The thin and long fiber leaves of sabai grass mostly available in west Bengal and north odisha region also. Sabai grass become a occupation for some people in and around of Bengal and odisha also. The sabai grass increasing the livelihood of rural people also. These sabai grass products 100% eco friendly and high quality also.

Sabai Grass products in

1 Sabai grass Wall plate

2 Sabai Grass Coaster

3 sabai Grass box

4 Sabai Grass Basket

5 Sabai Grass Flower vase

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